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I-series Infrared Cameras by FLIR Systems

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article image Thermal Imaging Cameras by FLIR Systems Australia

FLIR Systems have released a new range of entry level i-Series thermal imaging cameras which are all fully functioning infrared cameras.

The thermal imaging cameras are capable of a 2-metre drop (IP43) standard and can handle the wear and tear of knocks and scrapes.

FLIR i-Series thermal imaging cameras can be used to:

  • Avoid unplanned shutdowns
  • Confirm repairs
  • Check electrical installations
  • Identify electrical and mechanical problems
  • Inspect building and plumbing work

Capabilities include instant, point-and-shoot JPEG infrared images that record temperature data and can either be stored internally or externally.

  “Straight out of the box, it is literally ‘point-shoot-detect’ thermography to obtain high-quality infrared images that will immediately give you the infrared information you need,” said Roger Christiansz, Managing Director FLIR Systems.

FLIR i-Series can also:

  • Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments and perform preventive inspections
  • Survey buildings to find moisture and leaks
  • Identify energy losses and poor insulation
  • Spot electrical faults before it’s too late
  • Produce instant infrared images of your findings
  • Produce reports, analyse and document your findings with easy to use FLIR software
These infrared cameras deliver high quality ‘commercial functionality’  and appeal to a wide range of users including electrical technicians, maintenance and building personnel, HVAC and many other trades.

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