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FLIR Thermal Fence wins at Security 2011

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article image Peter De Ieso, FLIR CVS Distribution Manager receives Best New Product award from Kobe Johns, ASIAL Exhibition Manager and sponsor Brad Howarth from Verint Systems

FLIR Systems Australia won top recognition at the Security 2011 conference and exhibition for its virtual perimeter fence alert systems.  

The winning nomination, FLIR Systems Thermal Fence won the Best New Product award at the Security 2011 event.  

FLIR, a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras describes the Thermal Fence as a turnkey solution for integrating and displaying the status and feedback from all perimeter security sensors on one convenient display.  

The FLIR Thermal Fence is a fully integrated virtual perimeter alert system that combines thermal security cameras, video analytics software and other intrusion detection sensors for simultaneous threat detection and assessment.  

FLIR’s thermal security cameras combine with FLIR Sensors Manager (FSM) software to provide automated perimeter approach surveillance, intrusion detection and alert capabilities for every perimeter security application including critical infrastructure, petro-chemical facilities, nuclear facilities, commercial campuses and residential installations.  

A Thermal Fence can be custom designed to suit specific application needs and can range from simple systems consisting of a single thermal security camera and FLIR Sensor Manager software to complex systems that integrate several thermal cameras, CCTV cameras and non-video alarm sensors for a seamless, layered perimeter defence system.  

Key benefits of FLIR Thermal Fence:  

  • Less expensive than installing a new physical barrier and less intrusive than expensive lighting infrastructure 
  • Boosts alarm detection and assessment capabilities along existing physical fence lines 
  • Establishes a virtual perimeter in areas that cannot be fenced due to economic, environmental or logistical restrictions 
  • Creates exclusion zones and establishes concentric rings of increasingly stringent security coverage within existing secured perimeters

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