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FLIR Systems unveils handheld IR P660 camera

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FLIR Systems  its new handheld IR P660 camera which is designed for professional thermography.

IR P660 camera now available in Australia following a recent global launch is packed with new features such as GPS, innovative image processing tool and remote control.

IR P660 camera has been designed and developed for applications that need high quality image, accurate temperature measurement and better thermal image detail.

IR P660 camera’s high resolution 640 x 480 pixel detector with a high sensitivity of 45 mK can make the difference between seeing or not seeing a thermal anomaly, especially when looking at small or distant targets.

IR P660 camera is equipped with a full range of measurement functions. IR P660 camera’s integrated GPS adds value to maintenance in the utilities, energy, telecom, mining, facility management, logistics and other sectors that have to deal with inspection assets scattered over larger areas.

The GPS data is automatically stored with the infrared imagery, adding location information to inspection reports which guides inspection and field repair teams to the correct sites.

Lars Lidman, Vice President Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific of the FLIR Systems Thermography Division said, “FLIR Systems’s engineering power and market insight has resulted in an instrument with features such as GPS, contrast optimization and wireless remote control.”

IR P660 camera also features a contrast optimizer, a special algorithm that enhances details in contrast-rich infrared imagery and enables the user to view clearly both the scanned object and its surroundings.

An optional wireless remote control device steers all vital functions of the infrared as well as the visual camera from a safe distance so that the user can work safely in places that are difficult to access.

IR P660 camera features the picture-in-picture function which allows the user to overlay, pan and scale an infrared image on the visual image. As all measurement data are retained, a full analysis of the combined images can be done.

IR P660 camera’s thermal fusion functionality enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing the user to overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image in real-time. The functionality combines the benefits of both the infrared image and visual picture at the push of a button. It allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images.

The P660 includes a 3.2 megapixel visual camera, a large 5.6” color LCD, tiltable viewfinder and a 3 hour battery, all in a rugged lightweight magnesium package that weighs less than cameras with a fraction of the resolution and performance features. The P660 measures temperatures from -40 to +500 degree Celsius with an optional measurement of up to +2000 °C.

Hot spots can be seen with a new 3.2 megapixel auto- focus visual camera and the new Thermal Fusion and Picture-in-Picture tools.

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