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FLIR Systems releases new infrared camera

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article image ThermaCAM P640 infrared camera

Specifically designed in conjunction with professional thermographers, the newly released ThermaCAM P640 infrared camera is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the industry and FLIR Systems , the global leader in IR cameras and technology.

The P640 is a handheld infrared camera with an uncooled infrared detector producing high quality images of 640 X 480 array.

Effectively, it means you can be twice as far away from the subject - for added safety and still measure with complete accuracy, while having the advantage of seeing an image four times greater compared to a 320 X 240 array camera.

For professionals working with infrared cameras several hours every day, the P640 provides good working environment possible delivering a complete infrared solution.

The ThermaCAM P640 is a professional system available whether you are an infrared consultant, a thermography expert at a utility provider or in the manufacturing industry, building industry or in research and development.

The P640 offers the flexibility needed for many different inspection situations including:

  • Detecting loose connections
  • Spotting overheated cable connections
  • Detecting leaking voltage in a power cable
  • Oxidising high voltage switches
  • Badly secured connections
  • Defective insulators
  • Overheated motors
  • Overheated electrical circuitry

If a thermal anomaly even exists, especially if you are looking at small or distant targets, the new high definition 640 X 480 array detector in the P640 can make the difference between seeing ­or not seeing.

The P640’s good image quality also allows the professional thermographer to see much more image detail to pinpoint or diagnose the nature of a problem.

More pixels mean greater temperature measurement accuracy. To the professional thermographer, this means clear, practical benefits and a strong competitive advantage.

The P640 is packed with advanced, user friendly features to help capture high quality thermal images. Completely new interchangeable lenses have been developed that further enhance the camera’ s ability to capture distant targets in high detail or view close up targets with a wide field of view.

The camera can record full radiometric video sequences for inspecting moving targets such as motors or conveyor belts. In-camera play-back allows for an on-site review without the need for a PC.

The new camera also includes an interchangeable 1.3 megapixel visual camera, a large, swivel-mount, 5.6² colour LCD, tiltable viewfinder and a 3-hour battery - all in a rugged lightweight magnesium package that weighs less than cameras with a fraction of the resolution and performance features.

Some other key P640 features include:

  • Hot spot marker on the visual image
  • Manual and autofocus
  • Up to 8x digital zoom with pan
  • Storage of infrared video clips
  • Simultaneous on-screen live and reference image
  • Text and voice annotations
  • Wireless communication (lrDA)
  • Colour and sound alarms
  • Seamless integration into professional software

Completing the 640 range FLIR also will release the ThermaCAM B640 specifically for building inspectors and the SC640 for research and development.

The B640 features the 640 X 480 array detector and can measure temperatures from -40°C up to +120°C. The SC640 model incorporates features such as real-time radiometric image storage and ThemaCAM researcher software for detailed static or real-time infrared image analysis.

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