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FLIR Systems launches K-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras for firefighting

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article image FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras assist firefighters

FLIR Systems Australia  announces the launch of a new range of thermal imaging cameras designed for use in firefighting applications.
Given the increasing application of thermal imaging cameras across several industries, FLIR Systems is continuously developing its thermal imaging technology to specifically suit end user segments.

Firefighters benefit enormously from thermal imaging cameras, which not only produce crisp images in total darkness but also enable them to see through smoke, find people in smoke-filled rooms and also navigate their own way through smoky environments. Thanks to the ability of thermal imaging cameras to measure temperatures, firefighters can ascertain whether a fire is burning behind a wall or door, helping them avoid dangerous backdrafts.
Hotspots in extinguished fires can be extremely hazardous as they are imperceptible to the naked eye and can reignite, causing dangerous consequences. In addition to detecting hotspots, thermal imaging cameras are an instrumental tool in ascertaining whether a structure is safe to re-enter once a fire has been extinguished.

Thermal imaging cameras can also be used for various forms of search and rescue missions where firefighters and emergency services are often involved.

FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras are available at an extremely inexpensive price thanks to economies of scale, allowing every firefighting truck to have one.

Key features of FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras:

  • Designed to meet tough operating conditions
  • Withstands a drop from 2 metres onto a concrete floor
  • Water-resistant to IP67
  • Fully operational up to +85°C
  • Two versions: FLIR K50 produces thermal images of 320 x 240 pixels while FLIR K40 produces 240 x 180 pixels
  • Both versions contain a maintenance-free, uncooled microbolometer detector
  • Produces clear and detail-rich images presented on a large, bright 4” display
  • Intuitive and simple user interface allows firefighters to focus on the job at hand
  • Controlled by just three large buttons on top of the unit, making it ideal for a firefighter’s gloved hand
  • Thermal images can be stored for later use to produce simple reports
  • 2-year warranty for camera; 10-year warranty on the uncooled microbolometer

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