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FLIR Systems launches FLIR T600bx thermal imaging cameras

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FLIR Systems Australia  announces the launch of a new range of thermal imaging cameras based on the successful FLIR T620bx/ FLIR T640bx.

The FLIR T620bx/T640bx series has also been upgraded with industry-leading features for better performance.

The new FLIR T600bx thermal imaging cameras have been developed to provide experts with a more accessible and attractive thermography solution. Based on the award-winning FLIR T620bx/T640bx thermal imaging cameras introduced in 2011, the new cameras offer most of the features of the earlier series without the 640 x 480 pixels resolution while delivering quality building inspections.

The FLIR T600bx thermal imaging camera produces thermal images of 480 x 360 pixels with the measurement range between -40ºC and +650ºC. Similar to the T620bx/T640bx, FLIR T600bx comes with a tiltable optical unit, which makes it possible to measure and take images of objects in all angles while being in a comfortable working position.

The 5 megapixel visual camera in the FLIR T600bx thermal imaging cameras generates crisp visual images that can be used as a reference against the thermal image in all conditions. Thermal images and visual images are stored simultaneously while an LED lamp allows visual images to be taken in extremely dark environments.

Key features of FLIR T600bx thermal imaging cameras:

  • Picture-in-Picture function for overlaying the thermal image on the visual image
  • Thermal fusion merges visual and thermal images for better analysis
  • Text and voice annotations
  • Fast autofocus
  • Insulation alarm easily detects areas that don’t fulfil insulation requirements
  • Humidity alarm provides alerts for areas where there is risk of condensation
  • Sketch annotations added through touch screen function
  • MeterLink allows wireless transfer of the data acquired by an Extech clampmeter to the system
  • Instant reports can be created inside the camera
  • Wi-Fi interface allows remote operation plus images to be sent wirelessly to a PC, tablet PC or smartphone
Key upgrades in the FLIR T620bx/T640bx thermal imaging cameras:

  • GPS function allows geo-referencing of thermal images to pinpoint exact location of possible anomalies
  • Instant report of the inspection can be created directly in the camera
  • Compass integrated for the inspector to be better aware of directions and orientations during building inspections
  • Image sketch allows location of the problem area to be clearly indicated on saved thermal and visual images
  • Continuous auto-focus of the thermal images using two digital cameras
  • Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) produces detail rich images for better problem detection and analysis
  • FLIR Tools software allows thermal images to be exported directly to a PC

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