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FLIR Systems Australia’s SC7900 VL infrared cameras

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FLIR Systems Australia ’s SC7900 VL infrared cameras are suitable for spectroscopy and gas analysis. They feature a high QE 320 x 256 element MCT infrared focal plane array with spectral response from 7.7 to 11.5 microns.

The FLIR SC7900-VL infrared cameras feature variable ‘snap shot’ integration from 10µs to 20 ms and frame rates up to 200 FPS (frames per second) in full frame mode and 6000 FPS in sub-windowing mode. The snap shot mode of integration allows freezing object motions without smearing.

FLIR SC7900-VL infrared cameras feature 14-bit digital output as well as an optional filter wheel which allows users to install one inch optical filters. A wide selection of lenses and filters is available for specific application requirements.

Features of FLIR SC7900-VL infrared cameras:

  • Sensor material - MCT
  • Integration time - 1µs to 20ms variable by 1µs step
  • NETD: <25 mK (20 mK typical)
  • Filter wheel - Motorized, 4 slots for 1" filter 2.5mm thick
  • Digital output - GigE / CAMLINK
  • Pixel resolution @ Pitch: 320x256 @ 30µm
  • Spectral Response: 7.7 - 11.5µm
  • Full frame rate - Up to 235Hz

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