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FLIR Systems Australia release GasFindIR LW camera

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FLIR Systems Australia  have released the GasFindIR LW camera capable of imaging fugitive potent greenhouse gases such as SF6 and NH3. The specialised GasFindIR LW camera is capable of rapid scanning, delivering real-time thermal images of gas leaks. The gas leaks stand out allowing thermographers to see the fugitive gas emissions.

A potentially dangerous greenhouse gas, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), is an effective insulator that prevents arcing in high-voltage circuit breakers and gas-insulated substation equipment. When used properly, the gas enables safe and efficient utility operations.

The SF6 is a potent greenhouse gas that is tested. If it leaks into the atmosphere from faulty or ageing equipment, it can become a contributor to global warming.

Voluntary efforts to curb SF6 emissions are underway. There are now 80 utilities worldwide working together to detect SF6 gas leaks. User settings in the new GasFindIR LW camera allow it to be optimised for the environment and climate scene in which gases are present. FLIR Systems Australia’s new GasFindIR LW camera delivers six user-selectable integration modes. Normal Scene, Cold Scene and Hot Scene can be selected at 50 or 25Hz. This allows users to change frame acquisition rates for better image performance in hot and cold environments to find the smallest leaks. The GasFindIR HSX is a real-time infrared camera that can scan images at 50 or 25 Hz.

The GasFindIR LW camera takes advantage of an advanced cooled QWIP (Quantum Well Infrared Photon) detector and optical systems that are tuned to a narrow spectral infrared waveband specific to SF6 detection.

The GasFindIR LW High Sensitivity Mode(HSM) processes and enhances the images and highlights the movement of gases. Gases that are detectable by the GasFindIR LW camera appear as smoke. With the increase in image clarity of HSM, users can determine smaller leaks, so they can be repaired before conditions become dangerous and costly. The GasFindIR LW camera's controls are accessible and a built-in menu system gives users access to in-camera software tools for additional functions.

The GasFindIR LW camera includes a 50mm wide-angle lens for scanning a variety of components and operations. For longer-range needs, a 100mm lens are available from FLIR Systems Australia. The GasFindIR LW camera improves productivity by enabling wide-angle scans of circuit breakers and gas insulated switchgear.

The GasFindIR LW camera gives users more choices, for finding gas leaks. The GasFindIR LW camera can be operated by battery, with up to four hours of continuous use. The GasFindIR LW camera can also be connected to AC power for round-the-clock use. Or the GasFindIR LW camera can be connected to 12-volt power for vehicle-based inspections. This gives thermographers higher flexibility in critical surveys.

Images from the GasFindIR LW camera are recordable to any off-the-shelf video recorder for easy archiving, documenting and emailing. The GasFindIR LW camera is dust and splash proof and designed for use in demanding situations.

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