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FLIR Systems Australia publish a guide to IR thermography

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article image Guide for IR thermography Primer describing the basics of IR thermography

FLIR Systems Australia  have published a 28-page guide to IR thermography that is useful for the experienced and novice users of the technology.

The booklet, titled IR Thermography Primer, has been created for people who want to know about the concepts and basics of IR thermography, how it works and its many applications for temperature measurement. IR thermography, as described in Primer, is a technology that allows the users to see
thermal energy or heat.

IR thermography can be used in any circumstances where thermal patterns are used to find a missing person, to diagnose a condition such as poor electrical connection or to detect a fever by measuring high temperature.

The IR thermal imaging is used by fire-fighters to locate victims in fires. Thick smoke makes normal vision difficult and so fire-fighters use the IR imaging to see through smoke to find and rescue trapped or disabled people.

The IR Thermography Primer booklet explains the important functions inherent in an infrared camera and techniques for improving temperature measurement performance and use.

Some of the questions discussed in the booklet include:

  • What is thermography?
  • Where does infrared energy come from?
  • What are the benefits of IR thermography?

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