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FLIR Systems Australia adds two handheld cameras to T-Series range

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FLIR Systems Australia  has added two new handheld cameras to its T-Series range, specifically designed for industrial and technical applications.

Highlights of the new T-Series infrared cameras are:

  • Complete imaging and measurement features
  • Touch screen plus stylus
  • An integrated digital camera
  • Wide choice of measurement options and strong ergonomics
  • 120° tiltable infrared lens unit and easy-to-reach command buttons
  • Weight of 880g
  • User comfort
  • Value for money

The T-Series infrared cameras come in four versions: the T200 and T250 with a 200x150 IR resolution and the T360 and T400 with a 320x240 IR resolution and a range of additional refined measurement modes. The new models are also available in a B-version for building and construction applications.

“As the demand for versatile, all-in-one infrared cameras is growing, we proudly announce this new, complete infrared camera series which offers excellent value and return of investment,” said Roger Christiansz, Managing Director, FLIR Systems Australia.

“FLIR Australia is in an excellent position to respond to a market discovering that infrared technology enhances quality, cuts maintenance costs and reduces energy consumption,” he said.

Imagery is displayed on a large 3.5 inch touch screen, an innovation which improves the handling of the camera software menu and opens up new communication and storage functionalities.

All added information, such as sketching directly on the screen and voice annotations are stored with the IR image, reducing the need for pen and paper or a Dictaphone.

FLIR Systems Australia ’s Thermal Fusion functionality enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing the user to overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image in real-time.

The functionality combines the benefits of both the infrared image and visual picture at the touch of a button. It allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images.

All the T-Series infrared cameras have a temperature measurement range from -20°C to 350°C with an optional range to 1,200°C, automatic cold and hot spot indication and zoom options. Other features include dust- and water splash proof, shock-resistant, with a battery enabling up to four hours of uninterrupted use.

The T-Series infrared cameras have a weight of only 880g, making them suitable for go-anywhere use in tough on-site and field conditions. T-Series cameras are compatible with the FLIR Reporter 8.3 software, a wizard-based reporting suite with advanced image processing and temperature calculation functions.

All FLIR T-Series infrared cameras carry the Picture-in-Picture function which allows the operator to overlay, pan and scale an infrared image on the visual image, allowing also a full analysis of the combined images as all measurement data are retained.

The T-Series infrared cameras are delivered with a carrying case including power supply, cabling, battery charger, LCD screen sun shield, battery, FLIR Quickreport software for a quick report creation in PDF format, SD Card, user manual.

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