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FLIR Systems Australia T335 camera for a wider professional IR audience

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FLIR Systems Australia has released the T335 – a high performance camera designed to tackle the demands of professional consultants and thermographers working in industrial, plant and utility markets. Available at a very competitive price, the T335 makes high-end IR accessible and available to professionals responsible for building, electrical, mechanical inspections and preventative maintenance and includes many features previously available on more expensive FLIR models.

Features of the T335 high performance thermal imaging cameras include:

  • The T335 thermal imaging cameras have a 320 x 240 focal plane array detector (76,800 pixels)
  • The T335 high performance cameras include both an IR and digital camera, Picture in Picture Fusion (PiP), touch-screen and interchangeable optics
  • The T335 thermal imaging cameras comes with FLIR's laser LocatIR pointer, allowing the user to pinpoint a hotspot on a component and record that spot on the IR image
  • FLIR's scalable PiP Fusion also makes it possible for technicians to superimpose a scalable thermal image over a digital photo for added emphasis of temperature abnormalities
  • These cameras also offer FLIR’s patented radiometric JPEG format which simplifies image management with a single image for both analysis and sharing in emails and Word documents
  • The T335 thermal imaging cameras also exists in a version adapted for building applications
Roger Christiansz, General Manager, FLIR Australia: “ T335 stands out from the competition with a cost effective combination of versatile and sophisticated features found only on FLIR cameras. For quick, highly detailed diagnostics in industrial applications, the T335 matches 2 % thermal accuracy and < 0.05 ºC thermal sensitivity (NETD) with a wider temperature measurement range of - 20 ºC to 650 ºC.

“To tailor temperature readings to a user's specific needs, the new camera offers measurement modes over and above centre-spot readings, 5 spotmeters, 5 box areas, isotherm colour alarms and automatic hot/cold spot. Text annotation connects voice comments with images, even on reports,” he said.

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