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FLIR Scout PS-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras can see in the dark

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FLIR Systems Australia  presents the FLIR Scout PS-Series of thermal imaging cameras designed for users to see in the dark.  

FLIR Scout thermal imaging cameras are a range of handheld cameras suitable for outdoor enthusiasts such as sportsmen, hikers, farmers, park rangers or naturalists to continue their work under the cover of darkness.  

FLIR Scout PS-Series thermal cameras can spot a man-size object at 320m in total darkness without lights, moonlight or night vision goggles. The FLIR Scout range offers cameras with even longer ranges up to 450m.  

Designed to fit easily into the palm of the hand, FLIR Scout PS-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras are robust and offer simple operation.  

Key applications of FLIR Scout PS-Series thermal imaging cameras:  

  • Traversing rough terrain in pitch black conditions
  • Spotting nocturnal animals, lost livestock or downed game
  • Locating missing people in adverse conditions
  • Seeing through light fog, smoke or dust
  • Securing the property against night-time dangers
  • Locating missing insulation, leaky windows or draughts around the house
Similar to all FLIR thermal cameras, the Scout creates crisp, clear images from heat and not light.

Weighing just 340g, the lightweight FLIR Scout thermal imaging cameras feature a tactile design that sits easily in the palm of the hand and allows the operator to scan vast expanses of terrain.  

FLIR Scout is expected to join the SatPhone, EPERB and GPS as ‘must-have’ safety devices carried by groups involved in outdoor pursuits including hunters, outdoor educationalists, tour operators, park rangers, bushwalkers, bird watchers, police, emergency service workers, military, mining, security operators and farmers.  

Key features of FLIR Scout thermal imaging cameras:  

  • Three intuitive buttons control polarity, zoom and LCD brightness
  • Compact, rugged, weather-tight and very user-friendly
  • Lightweight at just 340g and 17.2cm long
  • Choice of two resolutions (240x180 and 320x240) with optional 2X e-zoom and freeze frame
  • Three selectable display palettes, White Hot, Black Hot and the powerful Instalert detection palette for different environments
  • Embedded LED task light
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion internal battery
  • Standard tri-pod mount


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