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FLIR Systems Australia presents the FLIR SC7000 Series infrared cameras for R&D and thermography applications.

Incorporating advance infrared technology, the FLIR SC7000 Series cameras are very flexible offering high levels of sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution and speed at an affordable cost.

The FLIR SC7000 Series infrared cameras are specifically designed for academic and industrial R&D applications, as well as integrators. The FLIR SC7000 Series are integrated systems, which complement the FLIR SC5000 series, dedicated to industrial quantitative thermography and stress analysis.

Key features of FLIR SC7000 Series infrared cameras:

  • Incorporates CNUC and Hypercal technologies, which feature NUC-free operation and a large dynamic range choice 
  • Compact size allows implementation in small spaces 
  • Removable lens interface gives complete flexibility in the optical path 
  • Available with a wide range of detectors to address any application in single and multispectral analysis 
  • Detectors have a programmable frame rate and integration time 
  • External triggering allows synchronisation of image capture to fleeting events 
  • Three external analogue signals are synchronously acquired with the image allowing embedding of external sensor measurements 
  • Can be easily connected to a laptop through Camlink or GigE interfaces 
  • Sensor material: InSb, MCT or QWIP 
  • Pixel resolution @ pitch: 320x240 or 640x512 pixels @ 30, 25, 20 or 15µm 
  • Spectral response: 3-5µm or 8-12µm (optional 1.5-5µm) 
  • Full frame rate: Up to 380Hz 
  • Integration time: 1µs to 20 ms variable by 1µs step 
  • NETD: <20mK 
  • Filter wheel: Motorised, 4 slots for 1” filters, up to 2.5mm thick 
  • Digital output: GigE/CAMLINK

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