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FLIR Infrared Cameras help contain Spiralling HVAC Cost with IR Thermography

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Infrared cameras from FLIR Systems Australia are helping companies detect energy wastage, moisture and electrical issues in buildings using infrared thermography.  

FLIR Systems Inc is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging systems such as infrared cameras, aerial broadcast cameras and machine vision systems.  

Infrared cameras can detect specific problems, allowing building inspection teams to correctly diagnose areas with energy loss.  

Spiralling energy costs coupled with stricter government regulations on greenhouse gas emissions are increasing pressure on building construction to fully meet compliance requirements.  

Build quality is therefore under the scanner now with independent building inspectors and professional thermographers using FLIR thermal imaging cameras to show up a high incidence of building defects in newly built as well as old homes that use up to 45% of total domestic energy costs on heating or cooling applications.  

These building inspections reveal energy loss through improper installation of ceiling insulation, poor workmanship, inferior materials and ageing components,­ most of which remain invisible to the naked eye and would pass conventional inspection processes.  

Thermal imaging with FLIR infrared cameras can identify issues such as: 

  • Heat loss
  • Potential for mould
  • Water damage
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Plumbing blockages
  • Electrical service problems
  • Moisture intrusion or condensation
  • Missing or non-performing insulation in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Poor electrical connections, fittings and overloaded circuits

Energy Leaks Pty Ltd, specialists in infrared thermal imaging as well as blower door energy audits and assessments chose FLIR infrared cameras to check for air leakages in buildings.  

Blair Freeman, Technical Consultant from Energy Leaks comments that the levels of compliance and general workmanship in HVAC installations in Australia need to improve. One of the efficient methods to get energy costs in homes and offices under control is by demanding a more rigorous thermal audit as part of the build process.  

The latest FLIR E60bx IR cameras incorporating Picture-in-Picture facility are capable of showing a thermal image directly over the digital image to provide a clear assessment of the condition within the walls, ceiling or floor.  

Energy audits with FLIR infrared cameras check for air leakages especially in windows and doors as well as poorly installed ceiling and wall insulation. The camera can even detect lack of insulation.  

Key features of FLIR’s new E-Series infrared cameras: 

  • Rugged IR cameras designed to make building diagnosis easier, more productive and effective
  • 320 × 240 resolution at 60 Hz for real-time capture
  • Bright touch screen with plenty of tools to help fine-tune and analyse images quickly
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer images and data to mobile devices for further analysis, reporting and immediate sharing

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