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FLIR A310 fixed mounted thermal imaging cameras for the food industry

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article image FLIR A310 fixed mounted thermal imaging camera can be used for all types of monitoring in the food industry

FLIR Systems Australia presents the FLIR A310 fixed mounted thermal imaging cameras for monitoring applications in the food industry.

The food industry requires careful control of the temperature of perishable goods throughout production, transportation, storage and sales to prevent contamination at any stage. Human error can be minimised by using tools to automate crucial process control operations, ensuring constant quality while holding down costs.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras are designed to make automated non-contact temperature measurements in many food processing applications.

The FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras are highly effective tools for infrared machine vision, closed loop process control and quality assurance imaging, helping the food manufacturer or processor to validate and increase product quality and throughput, resulting in a competitive edge and increased profitability.

The FLIR A310 fixed mounted thermal imaging camera can be used for all types of monitoring in the food industry.

Thermal imaging cameras function as smart non-contact sensors to perform 100% inspections, measuring the temperature of equipment, refrigerated products, and cooked foods as they exit the cooking process.

Easy to use and compact, the cameras can be positioned almost anywhere as needed, and can also be used to inspect package sealing, and improve efficiency in other food processing operations.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras find application in monitoring oven baked goods, microwave cooked meats, microwave drying of parboiled rice and other grains, inspecting ovens for proper temperature, proper filling of frozen meal package compartments, checking integrity of cellophane seals over microwave meals, inspecting box flap glue of overwrap cartons as well as monitoring refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Key features of FLIR thermal imaging cameras:

  • Firmware and communication interfaces enable use in automated process control 
  • Easy to incorporate into automated machine vision systems using third-party software 
  • Ideal for cooked food inspections to improve quality, safety and throughput while reducing energy cost 
  • Monitors conveyor ovens to control oven temperature and ensure temperature uniformity across the width of the conveyor belt 
  • Packaging inspections using thermal machine vision and pattern recognition software to check for proper filling of food trays 
  • Automated 100% inspection of the heat-sealed cellophane cover over finished microwave meals 
  • Checks the integrity of cartons that overwrap and protect food containers 
  • Monitors container filling operations to ensure yield and compliance requirements 
Key features of FLIR A310 IR cameras:
  • Built-in extensive analysis functions 
  • Built-in alarm functions 
  • Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP compliance 
  • Easy sharing of analysis and alarm results to PLCs 
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) 
  • Digital inputs/outputs 
  • Built-in 100 Mb Ethernet connection

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