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Oz’s wine keeps on flowing thanks to Lenze UV protected IP65 drives

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One of Australia’s leading manufacturers of winery equipment has employed Lenze's SMVector IP65 drives to power a range of portable wine pumps used to fill and empty wine barrels without disturbing the sediment.  

The polycarbonate UV protected version of the Lenze drives was specified for this application as it involved extended outdoor use in intense sunlight conditions. Additionally, the requirement for a sealed IP65 drive in this application was also due to the fact that acids in the wine would eat away the plastic on standard drives leading to frequent replacements.  

Stainless steel body drives were not preferred by the manufacturer because they were expensive and bulky. SMVector drives provided the important ingress and UV protection while their polycarbonate body resisted the corrosive fruit acids in the wine.  

Another factor critical to the process of pumping wine into and out of a barrel is to ensure a constant, smooth flow from the very beginning of the process to avoid stirring up the sediment at the bottom and compromising the quality of the wine.  

The drives that were previously used on the pumps struggled to provide smooth acceleration upon start-up, which affected the pump's flow rate. SMVector drives on the other hand, provide extremely good low speed torque performance, which creates a smooth start-up acceleration.  

Lenze SMVector drives are designed for easy set-up and reliable operation. A preinstalled PID loop feature designed specifically for ease of use in pumping applications meant that it would maintain a constant flow and pressure once the drive was up to speed, allowing fine control of the pump.  

The wine barrel filling and emptying pump units are portable and available in different models to suit wineries with capacities of 100 barrels or as many as 50,000 barrels. SMVector drives are reliable when in constant use and offer both single phase and three phase input to suit all locations and power supplies.  

Lenze IP65 SMVector drives are distributed in Australia by FCR Motion Technology .

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