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Major Indian department store chain saves energy using Lenze SMVector drives on its air handling units

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article image Lenze SMVector drive fitted in the HVAC plant's air handling unit

Lenze's SMVector drives are helping a major Indian retail chain to reduce its carbon footprint while saving significantly in energy consumption and cost.  

The SMVector drive is delivering energy savings of up to 20% on air handling units at various stores of the Shoppers Stop Ltd, a pioneer in organised retailing in India, optimising energy usage while maintaining occupant comfort at all times in the hot, humid Indian climate.  

With several new malls, multiplexes, hospitals, hotels, airports, metro railways, commercial complexes and high end residential complexes going up all the time, all designed with central air-conditioning plants, there is growing awareness of the need to reduce carbon footprint.  

The Indian HVAC industry is continuously seeking more eco-friendly automation solutions that yield maximum energy savings in the operation of these new complexes. The Mumbai-based CICC Automation Technologies is one of the key consultant companies helping the HVAC industry to achieve these environment-friendly solutions.  

Based on their expertise in Integrated Building Management Systems, CICC was chosen by Shoppers Stop Ltd to provide a solution for installing an environmentally-responsible centralised HVAC plant at each of its new stores across India that reduced the carbon footprint, and saved energy and cost on the operation.  

Designed as large retail outlets, each store is equipped with a central HVAC plant comprising of chillers, chilled water pumps and air handling units (AHU). The solution involved optimising the operation of the blower motor in each AHU to reduce energy usage without impacting the comfort of the shoppers.  

Lenze India offered its SMVector IP31 OEM drives to CICC Automation Technologies. The easy to use and highly compact SMVector drives are ideal for applications such as HVAC systems, conveyors, and food production and packaging lines.  

Key benefits delivered by Lenze drives to the AHUs:  

  • Meets green building requirements and also compatible with Building Management Systems (BMS) 
  • Simple installation 
  • Ability to match the speed of the AHU motor to effective demand 
  • Enables energy savings of 20-30% on the operation of each AHU 
  • Provides high levels of functionality at low cost 
  • Delivers low motor starting current 
  • Reduced thermal and mechanical stresses on motors and belts during start-ups 
  • Alarm facility to indicate a broken fan belt     
Lenze SMVector drives are available from FCR Motion Technology .

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