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Lenze inverters deliver ‘close to real’ experience on alpine ski simulator

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article image Two Lenze SMVector inverters are delivering a ‘close to real’ experience on a whizzard Pro alpine ski simulator

Two compact Lenze SMVector inverters are delivering a ‘close to real’ experience for users of a whizzard Pro alpine ski simulator.  

The inverter drives offer smooth start optimisation and motion control of the track on the alpine ski simulator, ensuring an experience as close to the real thing as possible, according to many people who tried it.  

Developed in Poland, the whizzard Pro is designed as a trainer for competitive down hillers as well as an improvement aid for recreational skiers, providing the original experience of real skiing in the gym.  

Two Lenze SMVector inverters drive the realistic operation of the whizzard Pro simulators. A 5.5kW unit controls two motors that drive the main track of the simulator.

Controlled via an HMI, this inverter offers advantages such as impressive low speed operation, ease of use and compact dimensions, which allows it to be easily integrated into the optimised envelope of the whizzard Pro without modifications to the simulator structure.  

Low speed operation is equally important on the second Lenze SMV inverter, a 2.2kW unit that controls the motor used to generate vertical movement on the whizzard Pro, effectively simulating the irregularities experienced in downhill skiing.  

A programmable EPM chip in the inverter drives allows users to copy across an entire operating set of parameters to another SMV drive quickly. This same functionality can be used to quickly change a set of simulation parameters in an existing drive.  

Additionally, the EPM can be used to return a machine to service without having to call out a support engineer, or commit skilled programming time to re-commission an individual drive.  

Key benefits of the Lenze SMV inverters for the whizzard Pro:  

  • Easy adaptation of vertical and horizontal speed on the simulator 
  • Precise control allows the simulator to be used for rehabilitation of skiers following accidents 
  • Provides a realistic element to complement existing ski training programmes 
  • Ideal for simulation tasks thanks to basic control and set-up procedures completed in seconds and a programmable EPM chip     
Key features of SMVector inverter drives:
  • Available for single-phase operation from 0.37kW to 2.2kW, and three-phase from 0.37kW to 22.0kW 
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity from vector-based motor control 
  • Fast dynamic torque response, sophisticated auto-tuning and impressive low speed operation 
  • Compact, low cost and simple to use package 
  • Ingress protection to IP65, allowing for outdoor use, operation in environments with atmospheric moisture and protection from low pressure water jets 
  • Ideal for small motor applications such as conveyors, food production, packaging lines and HVAC systems that require dynamic speed and torque control     
The SMVector range of inverter drives is available in Australia from FCR Motion Technology .

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