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Lenze SMVector drive helps industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer improve product performance and reduce costs

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article image Centraction industrial vacuum cleaner incorporates SMVector inverter drive for improved performance and reduced cost

Lenze Sweden’s IP65-rated SMVector drive with integrated PID function has helped Centraction, a manufacturer of central vacuum cleaners to improve the performance of its products while also reducing costs.  

Based in Sävedalen, Sweden, Centraction manufactures central vacuum cleaners designed for heavy duty commercial cleaning applications in various environments including general industries, ships, public places, hotels, offices and apartment buildings.  

The central vacuum cleaners comprise of suction units, cyclone separators, pre-separators, valves, a ducting system, vacuum points, cleaning equipment and control equipment including drives.  

Lenze’s SMVector inverters were specified by Centraction for their ability to provide a more integrated cost saving and higher performing package.  

The drive had to facilitate changing the speed of the vacuum cleaner motor depending upon the load placed upon it, and involved catching a spinning motor, the largest unit being 13.5kW.  

The problem was solved using the SMV's integrated PID function and the drive's analogue output as 0-10V. The SMV's analogue output was then connected as feedback to the SMV's analogue input.  

Lenze’s vector drives eliminated the need for an external sensor as feedback for the PID function, not only saving money for the manufacturer but also delivering improved performance. The IP65 rating of the SMVector drives removes the requirement for a separate control enclosure for operation of the vacuum cleaners in diverse environments while ensuring additional savings for the manufacturer.  

Key features of Lenze’s SMVector inverter drives:  

  • IP65 rating provides in-built protection against dust, dirt, debris, oil mist, atmospheric moisture, low power water jets, and mild acids and alkalis 
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity from vector-based motor control 
  • Offers fast dynamic torque response, sophisticated auto-tuning and impressive low speed operation 
  • Ingress protection to IP65 allows for outdoor use, operation in environments with atmospheric moisture and protection from low pressure water jets 
  • Ideal for small motor applications where dynamic speed and torque control are required such as conveyors, food production, packaging lines and HVAC systems     
The SMVector range of inverter drives is available in Australia from FCR Motion Technology

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