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Lenze SMVector Inverters solves major biscuit production problem

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article image Lenze SMVector IP65 Inverters solves biscuit factory production problems

Lenze SMVector IP65 Inverters, from FCR Motion Technology , has helped a Yorkshire biscuit factory solve their major production lost problems, which were due to repeated drive failures.

The Yorkshire biscuit factory’s original IP20 drives were suffering from contamination, which had caused their production to fail prematurely. Any stoppage of the lines resulted in lost production. Replacement drives, that were readily available from catalogue retailers, had also failed and caused more downtime and costs.

The result of the IP20 drives failure was due to the inverters suffering from severe dust infiltration, which had caused them to overheat and prematurely fail. The biscuit factory had asked Westin Drives, Lenze’s local solution providers, to help solve their production problems.

Westin Drives recommended the biscuit factory to use the Lenze SMVector IP65-rated drives, which had solved their production problems immediately. The IP65 drives’ enclosure provided protection from dust, dirt, debris, water jets, food products and diluted cleaning products.

The SMVector IP65 drives offered the biscuit factory workers the ability to copy across an entire operating set of parameters to another SMV drive, through its programmable EPM chip. Control cabinets were also not required for its installation, which allowed the IP65 inverters to be positioned closer to the motors.

The Lenze SMVector IP65 drive inverters are available from FCR Motion Technology.

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