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Lenze SMVector Drives improve productivity at Swedish Bakery

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article image Improved productivity thanks to SMV drives from Lenze

Baginto AB bakery of Sweden has experienced improved productivity thanks to upgrading its mixing and dough preparation equipment with Lenze SMD and SMVector IP65 inverter drives, as supplied by FCR Motion Technology . The compact SMD drives have proved to be ideal when retrofitting existing panels at the bakery, whilst the IP65 SMVector drives with no control cabinet and simplified wiring, were easily mounted directly onto stainless steel surfaces, in close proximity to the motors that they control.  

Many areas of the Baginto bakery are now fitted with the variable speed drives from Lenze, including the biscuit production line, where the rollers and conveyers are controlled by Lenze SMD drives.  These drives, supplied as retrofit units, were perfect for the job thanks to their highly compact size and hygienic stainless steel cabinets. The retrofitted SMD drives provide smooth torque operation and fine speed control where existing control cabinets are already in place.  

Thanks to the fitting of IP65 enclosed SMVector drives, dough folding and flour mixing equipment at Baginto have also experienced improved quality and consistency, through variable speed operation.  The SMVector drives, with inbuilt contaminant protection, were able to be fixed directly to the mixer and the frames of the rollers, satisfying the specification for manual adjustments to the mix throughout the production process.  Because the drivers were directly mounted onto the equipment, without the need for an additional cabinet and wiring, they are easily visible and accessible and allow machinery to be easily moved, during production.  

The SMVector drives are ideal for food production facilities such as bakeries thanks to their dust tight and water proof properties.  Fine flour and food product dust that is found in such environments can not penetrate the devices to cause problems.  The SMV drives can experience frequent cleaning and wash-downs and they have been rated against low pressure jets.  

Combining the two drives has meant that Baginto has been able to increase flexibility and productivity with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption.  The Lenze SMD drives were the best solution for retrofits and limited space, where the SMVector drives proved adaptable to very specific environmental and operational requirements.  Both drives are ideal for use with small motor applications where torque control and dynamic speeds are essential.

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