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Lenze SMVector AC drives help keep prisoners ventilated

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article image Lenze SMVector AC drives for prison vans

Tranz Corporation, Lenze's exclusive New Zealand distributor for AC drives, servos, motors and gearboxes secured and completed an unusual project involving the use of Lenze's SMVector AC inverter drives to provide ventilation for felons in prison vans.  

The prison van project followed a new initiative in New Zealand to keep prisoners separate from each other in single cells during transit as the previous system of keeping them together in the vans led to altercations that even resulted in some fatalities.  

In addition to their main purpose of transporting prisoners all over the country, the new segregated vans may be called upon to act as temporary holding cells outside of court houses or police stations.  

A supplementary ventilation system was required to transform the vans into a temporary holding facility. This involved fitting the vans with air-conditioning packages, which comprised of an air-conditioner, a diesel motor that drove the system when mobile, and an electric motor that took over when the van was parked.  

At this point the van is connected to the mains supply, causing the diesel engine to shut down and the electric motor to start, but only after a delay period. The delayed start of the electric motor is necessary to allow the diesel engine to come to a complete stop, and disengage when the mains cable is connected. Failure to do this would cause serious harm to the equipment.  

Tranz Corp was able to offer a key advantage provided by Lenze SMVector AC drives for the ventilation control system. The SMV drive has an integral ‘start on brake feature’, which provides the required delay period without employing additional external equipment.  

The SMV IP31 version drives are designed specifically to provide significant cost reductions in both retro-fit and OEM applications.  

Key advantages of the Lenze SMVector AC drives:  

  • Fast dynamic torque response 
  • Sophisticated auto-tuning 
  • Impressive low speed operation 
  • Compact, low cost and easy to use package 
  • Developed for small motor applications 
  • Ideal for HVAC systems, conveyors, food production and packaging lines     
The integration of the SMVector drive, a 2.2kW unit into the ventilation system included programming of the drive system and technical and commissioning support.  

According to Paul Londrigan of Tranz Corp, having developed the drive system for the ventilation fans, the company will be able to save build time and reduce costs by supplying the next batch of drive systems pre-programmed, thanks to Lenze's EPM memory chip.  

Lenze SMVector AC drives are available from FCR Motion Technology .

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