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Lenze SMVector AC drives get the green light on automated bulb manufacturing machine

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Lenze's SMVector AC drives have enabled LMPL east distributor (LMPL-ED), a distributor of Lenze Mechatronics in India to convert a 'resolutely mechanical' OEM manufacturer of bulb making machines to electronic control.  

The simplicity, small size and high levels of functionality provided by Lenze's SMVector AC drives enabled LMPL-ED to convince the manufacturer to switch to electrical drives, overcoming problems experienced with previous electronic drive systems.  

The OEM enjoyed considerable success in the market thanks to their proven mechanical expertise. Prior to considering the SMVector drives, the manufacturer found electric drives too complicated to handle and difficult to troubleshoot.  

LMPL-ED pointed out various features of the SMVector electric drives to the OEM that would improve the performance of his machines as well as shorten his build time to market.  

Key features of SMVector drives:  

  • Ease of commissioning and ability to troubleshoot the drive with a user-friendly manual 
  • Compact dimensions that overcome space problems, especially in retrofit applications in existing machines 
  • Fast dynamic characteristics and 200% shock load absorbing capability 
  • S-ramp and excellent acceleration/deceleration facilities that prevent any mechanical jerking     
The OEM’s bulb making machine is driven by a 50Hz standard motor fitted with a conventional gear box arrangement. Smooth, slow control of this motor is critical to allow jerk-free starting and slow stopping.  

Progressive operation, now provided by the 2.2kW SMV drive prevents damage to the delicate product.  

Additionally, the machine integrates a number of mechanical cams, resulting in high variation of load. In certain operating cycles, the m/c stops in such a position that restarting it involves a huge temporary load. The SMV drives with their 200% overload capacity handle these eventualities without any problems.  

Based on the performance of the initial prototype machine fitted with the SMV inverter, the bulb manufacturer has standardised on the IP31 version of the Lenze drive for all future production machines.  

The SMV IP31 is designed to provide significant cost reductions in both retro-fit and OEM applications for machine builders. Key advantages of the drive include fast dynamic torque response, sophisticated auto-tuning and impressive low speed operation in a compact, low cost and easy to use package.  

Developed for small motor applications, the SMV IP31 inverter drives are ideal for applications such as HVAC systems and conveyors as well as food production and packaging lines.  

Lenze SMVector AC drives are available in Australia from FCR Motion Technology .

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