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Wireless Fan Coil Unit from F. Muller

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F. Muller  specialises in the distribution of products that include wireless control chilled water fan coil units and microprocessor controlled air handlers to the HVAC market. Wireless Fan Coil Unit provided by F. Muller is cost effective equipment that can installed with ease. These fan coil units require minimal maintenance in comparison to the conventional hard wired units.

Wireless Fan Coil Unit offers flexibility to the customers by providing remote control operations as well as different configurations. Different features of these fan coil units include die cut aluminium ripple fins, slit fine design as well as aluminium alloy fan wheels. The aluminium alloy fan wheels of these fan coil units contribute to the superior airflow performance of the unit. These fan coil units generate low sound levels at varied operating speeds. F. Muller supplies different models of these fan coil units that include ceiling concealed horizontal type, decorated vertical type as well as concealed floor standing type units.

Wireless Fan Coil Unit marketed by F. Muller has a unique slit-fin design enables exchange of heat from copper tubes to the air thereby creating turbulent air movements. The fan deck of this fan coil unit can be removed with ease by loosening the bolts. The presence of die cut aluminium ripple fins offer efficiency as well as enhance the cooling effect of the unit.

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