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Efficient air handling units from F. Muller

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F. Muller  provides comprehensive range of equipment that include intelligent air handling units, thermostats, actuators, valves and damper controls to the HVAC markets as well as commercial refrigeration markets. The air handling unit provided by F. Muller comprises of Intelligent Control Unit that helps to lower the running costs as well as the energy usage. The Intelligent Control Unit is a micro processor controlled unit that can be installed with ease as well as provides easy operation.

Intelligent Control Unit enables the users to control the fan blower, modify the set points as well as sets the timer either to start or stop the operation at a certain time. This Intelligent Control Unit provided by F. Muller can also be used as a stand alone system and consists of an interface that enables communication with Building Management System.

Comprehensive range of features of these air handling units include operating modes of total fresh air, fresh air return and total return air, low power consumption of about three watts as well as enthalpy difference control of fresh air or return air valve. These air handling units are operable in temperature conditions ranging from -20 degree centigrade to about 40 degree centigrade.

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