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F&C Mining Products unveils cordless LED miner cap lamp and Led Trailer Plug

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Cordless LED miner cap lamp, available from, F&C Mining Products, is undoubtedly the future of the miner cap lamp, electrical cords for cap lamps are becoming history, is technology and is leading the trend.

Thousands of miners are wearing this cap lamp in Europe, South Africa, South America, North America and China. Now it is coming to Australia and New Zealand. It is your time to embrace the future.

Cordless LED miner cap lamp is certified in both, group I for coal mines and group II for other intrinsically safe applications. Currently, this is only certified products.

Nine LEDs are controlled by two switches on top of the lamp. Eight LEDs are controlled by switch 1 for normal illumination with operating time of 14 hours. One led in the centre is controlled by switch 2 for emergency with operating time of 120 hour.

This LED cordless miner’s cap lamp that has the advantage of have two style’s of charging either via the 240 volt charging rack for mine site locations or the 12 volt mobile charging unit for the mobile worker on field work or remote work.

These charging units plug straight in to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. These are good for the mining companies who are building new mine site’s and have remote location’s or who have mine rep’s who are travelling around from mine site to mine site.
Led Trailer Plug:

KT LED Trailer Plug provides an accurate visual check via 6 illuminated LED’s to ensure there is power supplied through each correct circuit and that power from the source is active through the trailer plug.

The KT LED Trailer Plugs also come standard with an off/on switch to ensure that the LED’s only illuminate when turned on for testing.

In the round 7 pin small and large trailer plugs and sockets, the KT Plug now incorporates a 3 step wiring body which makes installation as simple as a 7 pin flat plug.

The LED wiring from the circuit board to the LED’s has wire connections that are standard industry colours to assist the DIY or DIFM customer easy installation.

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