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Lease of Escrow and Chattel Mortgage financial solutions from Ezylease

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Ezylease  are financial brokers specialised in providing various financial solutions. Different financial solutions provided by Ezylease include Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage and Lease in Escrow options. Ezylease delivers Lease in Escrow financial solutions. Lease in Escrow financial solution is a situation wherein the established lease becomes effective only upon fulfilment of the conditions by the equipment supplier.

Lease of Escrow provided by Ezylease are available as Letters of Credit and Progress Payments. Letter of Credit is a financing arrangement wherein the funder establishes a lease on the equipment that needs to be imported. This Letter of Credit is converted to Lease upon the receipt of goods by clients. Progress Payments included in the Lease of Escrow is similar to the Letter of Credit and can be used for equipment manufacturing as well as supply process. Progress payment product provided by Ezylease establishes a Lease in Escrow between the client and the funder.

Chattel Mortgage facility provided by Ezylease is specifically suitable for small to medium sized businesses that accounts the business using cash method. This facility also provides the option of full use of the equipment during the term. This also provides the security of predictable monthly payment that can be easily lowered by adjusting the deposits.

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