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Concrete insert channels and angle fittings from EzyStrut

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EzyStrut offers vast range of mechanical support systems. The products offered by EzyStrut are made as per the requirements of the clients. EzyStrut provides channels, washers, nuts, screws, fittings, closures, angels, rods, clamps, brackets, rollers, plates, cable ladders and a range of aluminium accessories. EzyStrut products can be used to meet most of the mechanical requirements.

EzyStrut offers the clients different channels like plain channels, slotted channels, combination channels and concrete insert channels. EzyStrut channels are mostly manufactured from strip steel and have properties of hot dip galvanized, pre galvanized and stainless steel. These channels from EzyStrut come in different thicknesses and lengths.

EzyStrut offers flat washers and spring washers. These flat washers and spring washers have different thread diameters and come as either zinc plated, hot dip galvanized or in stainless steel. EzyStrut also produces hex nuts, channel nuts, hex screws and pan screws. The hex nuts and channel nuts are used for different applications and have different properties suited for these applications.

EzyStrut offers customers a range of angle fittings and flat plate fittings that have different width, thickness, hole diameter and hole spacing.

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