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Multi-wavelength metal halide lamp

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article image Super Ace metal halide lamp.

EYE Lighting has announced the release of a new five band multi-wavelength metal halide lamp called the Multi Super Ace Lamp.

This lamp features new flicker reduction technology and represents an important step forward in the evolution of metal halide lamp technology.

Conventional metal halide lamps experience a high level of flicker which renders them unsatisfactory in some lighting applications. The new EYE lamp has addressed this problem with remarkable results, reducing flicker by up to two thirds compared with many of the current metal halide lamps available today.

The breakthrough technology of the EYE lamp means the many advantages of metal halide lamps can now be applied to lighting applications previously excluded due to the problem of flicker.

By adding three extra elements to the metal halide lamp's arc tube, a multi-wavelength high quality white light is generated. This has a two-fold effect on the emitted light.

Firstly, the colour rendering index (Ra) is 75, an improvement over conventional metal halide lamps.

Secondly, the colour temperature emitted is higher than normal producing a brighter and whiter appearance and thus eliminating the yellow tinge created by many conventional metal halide and other discharge lamps creating a fresh, white feeling and provides a truer representation of colour in a given environment.

The rated average life of the new lamp represents an increase of up to 25% over previous standard metal halide lamps, significantly increasing the operational life of the lamp. Total lumen output per wattage (luminous flux) has also increased by up to 15% compared to conventional metal halide lamps.

Until now, FEC (ferro electric capacitor) ignitor technology has been limited to use in the EYE range of high pressure sodium lamps. However, for the first time, the advanced FEC ignitor technology has now been applied to a metal halide lamp.

With the FEC ignitor controlling the pulse, voltage, width and phase, the Multi Super Ace lamp has a significantly reduced run up time. The FEC ignitor also has a built in timer function which stops it from pulsing at the end of lamp life providing an added safety feature.

The EYE lamp with FEC internal ignitor operates from a low reactor ballast and is suitable for new applications. For existing mercury vapour systems using reactor ballasts, an upgrade to the features and benefits of the lamp is achieved by simply replacing the lamp.

When replaced with the Multi Super Ace, the light output is increased by approximately 60% over the same wattage mercury vapour lamps.

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