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The electrical safety products from Extreme Safety consist of insulating gloves, cotton gloves, instruments, testers, insulated tools, leather outer gloves, helmets, face shields, insulating mats, busbar covers, ROFA arcproof clothing, arc flash suits, proban clothing, accessories, NOMEX clothing, Fireban clothing, Modarcyl Hi-Viz and rescue kits. The safety kits from Extreme Safety include first aid kits, emergency and safety kits, emergency essentials kits, rescue - poletop kits, rescue - LV switchboard kits, rescue - lockout kits, road safety kits,
disaster kits and bushfire kits.

The height safety products from Extreme Safety are harnesses, pole straps, lanyards and anchor points. Extreme Safety also offers an in house height safety equipment inspection service. The Gorilla ladder from Extreme Safety offers features such as a patented static hinge kit, heavy duty locking hinge system, extra wide flared bases for added stability, slip resistent steps and oversized slip resistant feet.

Anti-fatigue matting from Extreme Safety reduces stress of lower back, legs and feet, while standing. Anti-fatigue matting is suitable for persons who are working in one position for long periods of time. The Dynamo torch just requires a shake to produce power to run the LED light.

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