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Extreme Safety  is the Australasian distributor for KCL brand Insulating Gloves. KCL brand Insulating Gloves are manufactured to European Standard and are available in Classes 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. This equates to a voltage range of 500V to 26,500V.

Another special feature of KCL brand Insulating Gloves is their Arc Flash protection rating. KCL brand Insulating Gloves are all rated to 7ka/1sec or 11cal/cm2.

Extreme Safety also leather outer / barrier gloves designed to fit over insulating glove perfectly. With the correct sizing, dexterity and feel are good, even using the three glove model.

Leather outer gloves

Most wearers of insulating and outer gloves complain they are hard to work in. But the Extreme Safety / KCL package is easy to use.

Extreme Safety outer gloves are designed to perfectly fit insulating gloves. This reduces the cumbersome feeling for the wearers, increases feel and dexterity, and improves productivity.

Available in goat or sheep skin in the LV range, there is a choice for everyone. HV or Live Line gloves are available in cow hide and include a wrist flash guard.

Arc Flash Switching Coat

Manufactured in Germany by ROFA, the Arc Flash Switching Coat is easy to wear and effective. Rated to 10ka/1sec or 37cal/cm2 the coat provides a protection level similar to some much heavier suits.

Arc Flash Switching Coat is a great alternative to personal issue PPE. It can be left in switchrooms for any operator to wear for the short time periods needed. Arc Flash Switching Coat should always be used in conjunction with face, head and hand protection.

Arc Flash Switching Suit

New to Extreme Safety is the full length Arc Flash / Blast Suit. This is a high level in Electrical arc protection, and complies with NFPA 70E Cat 4.

The Arc Flash Switching Suit comes as a kit containing (from top to bottom):

  • Hood / Faceshield
  • Coat
  • Leggings

The garments are manufactured from licensed Nomex and have a calorific rating of 44.8cal/cm2.

The hood is designed to fit on top of Australian Standard hardhats which provides head protection in the case of a fall. Most arc flash victims fall in the case of a flash and this can prevent serious secondary injuries.

Available in different sizes this suit can be either standard issue to each operator or used as required by different staff members.

Arc Flash Switching Hood

The Nomex arc flash hood combines the protection of Nomex, with the visibility and heat resistance of the 14 0204 face shield lens.

Arc Flash Helmet / Faceshield

Protecting the face and head region from arc flash hazards is crucial. The faceshield / helmet combination does the job effectively, and barely restricts movement or causes an inconvenience.

The face shield is designed to deflect blast energy away from the face, whilst absorbing any heat and spatter. The helmet is simply a mounting device for the faceshield, but is made of similar material. Standard faceshield and hardhats will melt in an arc flash; only use approved PPE.

A new add-on for the faceshield is the Nomex flap. The flay attaches to the bottom of the face shield, and hangs down to the chest. This creates a mechanical barrier between to cover the gap between the faceshield and chin area.

Although the faceshield / helmet achieve their 10ka/1sec Arc Flash rating without this flap, it is an approved extra feature suitable for some applications.

FR Hi-Viz Clothing

The Modacryl fabric developed by ROFA is a true Hi-Viz AND FR (arc rated) fabric.

The fabric complies to 7 different EN (European Norms) including visibility, chemical protection, anti-static, flame retardant, arc rated. Multi 9 (9 standards) garments are also available adding a waterproof and cold resistant rating.

All types of garments are available for all applications: Overalls, shirts, trousers, jackets, parkas and dungarees.

This range is perfect for all day work wear providing a low level arc protection rating whilst retaining practicality, comfort and safety.

LV Switchboard Rescue Kit

LV Switchboard Rescue Kit is designed specifically for rescue from switchboards.

Contents include: 1000V gloves, rescue hook, fire blanket, burns dressing, torch, isolate here sign and first aid hints booklet.

LV Switchboard Rescue Kit is mandatory in Queensland when performing live work, and is highly recommended in all other states.

Insulated Rubber Mats

Insulated floor mats are an ideal way to protect workers from electric shock.

Mats can be kept in permanent positions such as under switchboards, or can be kept in a mat bag and simply unrolled when required. Similar to Insulating Gloves, the mats are available in different voltages for different applications.

Mats start in the LV range with a 650V working voltage. They are also available in Class 2 and Class 4.

The standard size for floor mats is 1mx1m. The thickness ranges from 3mm to 12mm according to the voltage.

Clear mats of a 1mm thickness are also available and are known as Busbar mats. They are designed to drape over live components in a work area as a partition. They effectively insulate the area, whilst still allowing visibility.

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