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Fire safety and cooling products from Extreme Safety

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The Allergo cooling vest from Extreme Safety keeps the core body temperature low on hot days to reduce heat related stress and general uncomfortable feeling. The Allergo cooling vest simply needs to be submersed in water for 5 minutes, to ensure that the small absorbent crystals in the vest stay cool for up to 48 hours. Extreme Safety offers a diverse range of fire extinguishers, starting from 1Kg extinguishers that are suitable for the home or work vehicles, to 4.5Kg extinguishers for industrial and other workplace applications.

Fire extinguishers, offered by Extreme Safety, are filled with ABE powder, an effective type of extinguisher powder that is available for a variety of fires. This makes these extinguishers suitable for applications where there is no specific threat from a certain type of fire.

Extreme Safety’s fire blankets can be wall mounted quickly and easily. Fire blankets can be easily accessed during emergency situations. The fire blanket from Extreme Safety will not catch fire, but will protect the user from the heat of the flames to the greatest extent possible.

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