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Extreme Safety’s Dynamo battery-less torches

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article image Extreme Safety’s Dynamo battery-less torches

Extreme Safety  provides a range of torches that do not require batteries to work. These torches are particularly useful for jobs which require prolonged torch usage or can be carried as safety torches in case of emergency situations. 

By simply shaking the Dynamo battery-less torch a few times, it is enough to produce the power to run the LED light for up to half an hour. 

Other key benefits of the Dynamo battery-less torches include:

  • common problems of flat batteries will no longer be an issue
  • no need to spend money on expensive battery packs
  • lack of batteries means the product is of a lighter weight that regular torches
  • particularly suited for underground work where new batteries cannot be instantly retrieved
Besides the basic Dynamo battery-less torch, Extreme Safety also offers a combined battery-less torch and radio. A few winds of the combined torch and radio handle, will provide enough light for the LED light and radio for up to one hour. 

Another key and important feature of the Dynamo battery-less torch and radio is that it allows users to charge phones and similar items. This makes it a particularly useful safety device especially for underground workers.  

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