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DEHNguard Type 2 SPD from Extreme Safety

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article image DEHNguard Type 2 SPD from Extreme Safety

The DEHNguard is a Type 2 surge protection device (SPD) available from Extreme Safety ,  and will provide low voltage consumers with protection at lightning protection boundaries 0-1. The DEHN guard uses sophisticated technology in its SPD’s, including MOV and Spark Gap technology, which help to make the unit so powerful.

The protection module provides indication of current state (green OK, yellow replace, red disconnected) and is easily replaced without tools or the need to de energise.

DEHNguard is also fully co-ordinated with other DEHN surge protection devices. The DEHNguard is available in various configurations, for single phase, or three phase systems.

The DEHNguard is the most effective, user-friendly and economical primary protection SPD available in Australia. With a 10 year warranty offered by Extreme Safety, the DEHNguard is guaranteed to keep your equipment protected.

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