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Expella odour control system

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Expella, innovative mechanical ventilation specialists, is introducing a new and improved method of ventilating the bathroom, and more importantly the toilet area.

Expella’s unique odour control system is a totally concealed bathroom ventilation system that draws air directly from the toilet bowl.

The Expella system is compatible with all the leading toilet brands, and the system has been recognised by many of the leading toilet manufacturers/ distributors as a genuine after market product that creates an odourless toilet.

Easy to install and operate, the Expella system is also quality assured for a range of applications from the domestic housing market to large commercial developments. The Expella system has been fully appraised and tested by CSIRO and SAI Global, and satisfies all BCA requirements for general wet area exhaust.

The system works by extracting a small amount of air directly from the toilet bowl, and then discharging the odorous air to the outside environment via the Expella System. This allows the Expella system to reduce the air flow rates of traditional mechanical exhaust systems by up to 90% resulting in smaller, quieter fans with minimal ducting requirements.

As a result, the system only needs to operate, while the bathroom is in use, unlike conventional systems that often need to be left running for long periods after use. The Expella system is also much more effective than an open window, which often creates a draft for the odorous air to spread even further. In addition, the Expella Odour Control System eliminates the need for chemical masking agents and aerosol sprays.

Independent research has concluded that the Expella odour control system is a more effective and energy efficient approach to general ventilation requirements, while solving an age old and often embarrassing problem.

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