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Expandable polystyrene (EPS) from Expanz International

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Expanz International , established in 1994 as Maleplas International, has a growing portfolio of satisfied customers with whom they do repeat business.  

They currently import and distribute expandable polystyrene (EPS), engineering plastics and other light weight materials, as raw materials or finished products. In addition they offer consulting services to the EPS moulding industry in Australia, New Zealand and specialised projects overseas.  

They are importers of process machinery and spare parts for the EPS moulding and plastics industry, taking an interest in process machinery for virgin material processing through to scrap recycling and waste reprocessing.  They take a whole of life view wherever the opportunity presents itself. They support machinery acquisitions from individual machines to turn-key facilities and have established a specialist subsidiary called Polymac to extend and develop this business.  

They are an SME, focussed on growth of their polymer and machinery portfolio as well as their geographic reach. They continuously look for opportunities to add to their existing core business and competencies aiming to grow their revenues in three ways:   

  1. Seeking new agencies and customers to join their business to create organic growth.   
  2. Looking to employ or establish a business relationship with people that have proven commercial /sales skills with strong supplier and customer relationships.   
  3. Identifying strategic acquisitions.    

Since 2004, the staff at Expanz have been selected to enable the business to position itself for growth,  ensuring experience and talent in the key disciplines of Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales, Technical and Finance.  

The expertise they have developed includes:  

  • Procurement – purchasing a range of products to meet manufacturer or end-user specifications at competitive prices.
  • Logistics imports – managing the importation and distribution of their imports with freight forwarders and transport providers, primarily around Australia and New Zealand, to ensure a timely and reliable service that is provided in a transparent manner to avoid nasty surprises.
  • Logistics exports – Their network of contacts enables us to operate as exporters of products as easily as importers.
  • Communication – they pride themselves in keeping their customers informed anticipating needs and resolving problems.
  •  Value for Money – the sum of their offerings is aimed at trying to offer the best solutions, with the most appropriate products or services in a cost effective and timely manner.
  • Consulting – provision of expert advice to manufacturers on equipment selection, operation, design and installation.
  • Managing spot and forward contracts on foreign exchange exposures purchasing in USD, Euro and NZD and selling AUD, USD and NZD.  
If there is a need for us to provide a service that is a one-off or repeat business for current or prospective customers, they will deliver on their promise.

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