Expanz International (formerly Maleplas)

Expanz specialises in Australian EPS resin, EPS machinery and total moulding equipment supplies. Expanz has a large range of raw materials, machinery and technical knowledege, plus expertise in engineering and specialty plastic polymers and processing solutions.


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09/01/12 - Expanz International offers 100% scrap moulding machines. The block mould size is able to be manufactured in accordance with the user’s specific requirements.
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10/03/10 - Expanz are pleased to advise that they now supply additional products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
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10/03/10 - As a result of the recent Huntsman Chemical Company Australia Pty Ltd closure announcement there will be significant changes ahead for the Australian EPS industry.
Supplier news
25/01/10 - Expanz International (formerly Maleplas) is pleased to announce the successful launch of their warehousing facilities across major Australian capitals.
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Expanz International (formerly Maleplas) (Head office) Update these details
Suite 1, 213
Lower Heidelberg Road
East Ivanhoe
VIC 3079
Tel: 03 9499 9069

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