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Manufacturing tracking solutions – Putting you in control

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According to Existco , to maintain a competitive edge and increase profitability businesses today are looking for more efficient and effective ways to meet customer requirements.

Tracking solutions will allow you and your customers to view the status of a product or service you supply from quote to shipping. This will provide greater feedback for you and your customers and provides benefits such as:

* Clients are always kept informed of the progress of their product.

* Effectively identify bottlenecks within a manufacturing process.

* Provides an audit trail for safety critical components.

* Maintain project mile stones.

Our tracking solutions will provide real-time order status information for your clients. This will greatly enhance your customer service and will save time and money by reducing your "Where's my order?" telephone calls. Our tracking solutions also provide priceless business information, such as quickly identifying which stage of a project or manufacturing process is taking the longest. Project progress and milestones can be easily tracked and early identification of possible missed mile stones can be made.

The solutions are designed to facilitate tracking of physical objects but also non-tangible objects such as software and documents using numerous Barcoding and RFID technologies with the latest mobile computer technology such as the DataLogic Jet with the following features:

* Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 .Net Operating System

* Bluetooth(r), Wi-Fi, and GSM/GPRS simultaneous communication options

* Laser, Imager and Laser+RFID HF-ISO 13.56 MHz data capture options

* Large high visibility colour graphic display with touch screen

* Ergonomic, lightweight and robust

* 1.5 m drop resistance

* IP64 protection class

We utilise web based technologies which means that you or your clients can view the progress of any product or service your business provides from anywhere in the world at any time of the day, no software needs to be installed or updated by you or your clients and users who are familiar with browsing the internet will be comfortable using our systems.

Invest in your business not in IT support - we offer system hosting where we host clients web applications at our premises and clients connect to it through their browser as if it were local to their premises. This gives you excellent support as our team of system administrators and network engineers will always be on hand to solve any hardware/software problems you may be experiencing.

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