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Wide range of reducing cones available from Eximo

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Ducting specialist Eximo has made significant changes to its range of reducing cones which will benefit users in terms of cost efficiencies and speed of installation.

Firstly, the company has always stocked a large range of reducing cones under the longstanding Speedlock brand, but under the new brand of Eximo the range of available dimensions has been expanded to facilitate even more fitouts.

In the past, the company's reducing cones were made to European specifications, which meant that lock rings used in the fitting were not always ideal.

Eximo has addressed the issue by adding a 50mm collar to all cones. By doing this it has allowed the company's cones to fit all new existing ducting (Speedlock) with its standard lock rings, lever lock rings or wide lock rings.

In addition, all Eximo reducing cones are available in more meaningful stock levels to ensure availability in case of emergency.

With these changes taking place, all ducting installers and Eximo technical partners will find it much simpler and more efficient to connect branch pieces on even many sophisticated ducting systems.

According to Eximo, connection points such as branch pieces are so the important part of the ducting system and this overhaul of its reducing cone technology is a major bonus for the industrial sectors of Australia and New Zealand.

When ducting systems branch, it automatically increases the number of points that have to be sealed.

By increasing the quality of its locking systems on each connection point it has taken a great step forward with its technology and is yet another way to provide a better quality product without any price increase in to its user base.

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