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Welding ducting technology helping to cut welding fumes on site

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article image WeldFlex ducting from Eximo is flame retardant and features an extreme helix-like PVC structure

WeldFlex ducting technology from Eximo is helping several industrial environments create a safer workplace for their employees.

Most welding fumes contain chemicals such as zinc oxide (ZnO) and magnesium oxide (MgO) as well as residues of galvanised steel, chromium and cadmium. Stainless steel electrodes may contain up to 26 per cent chromium and 21 per cent nickel while manganese as high as 14 per cent may also be present in certain types of steel electrodes. High-chromium hard-facing electrodes may contain up to 30 per cent chromium, present as chromium metal and chromium carbides.

WeldFlex ducting from Eximo is an effective way to ensure welding fumes are efficiently and safely removed from the workplace environment, preventing exposure of workers to these harmful and highly toxic residues.

WeldFlex welding ducting is designed for use in a variety of industries including those with explosion and safety issues such as petroleum, chemical, paint, fertiliser, solvent and food industries.

A lightweight PVC duct with flame retardant properties according to DIN 4102, WeldFlex ducting can be used for air-conditioning and suction of air, welding fumes and light dusts. WeldFlex offers a temperature resistance of up to 100°C.

Key features of WeldFlex ducting also include self-extinguishing ability, high flexibility, extreme helix-like PVC structure and 52mm to 505mm diameter sizes.

WeldFlex is available from Eximo ex-stock and can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

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