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WeldFlex ducting technology available from Eximo

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Welding fumes often escape the required level of attention from plant managers, site workers and occupational health and safety practitioners at all levels.

Highly toxic and potentially carcinogenic, welding fumes represent a silent killer that needs to be quickly and officially removed from all workplaces.

Ducting specialist Eximo has seen a growth in industrial businesses which are doing the right thing and taking steps to source the correct technology to safely complete this task.

“The important thing we have to remember about welding is that it is a widely applicable profession across the industrial sphere, so the dangers can be found anywhere this activity takes place,” said Morris Short, sales and marketing manager for Eximo in the Asia-Pacific region.

“A lot of industrial businesses will have at least one or two welding bays on their premises to facilitate manufacturing processes, yet some managers are not fully versed in the importance are removing these fumes to safeguard their employees; although the education level of this potential danger is improving.”

“Even within highly automated production plants where robotic welding is carried out, extraction systems are being fitted out at the design stage but a less than efficient ducting technology is detracting from the quality of this safety solution.”

“But perhaps those most at risk are personnel who perform mobile welding work on location and rarely consider that a mobile extraction system with competent ducting really should be implemented.”

“That is why we developed WeldFlex – a ducting technology that is specifically designed to safely handle these toxic fumes.”

WeldFlex ducting is designed to be used on any extraction system, from the small portable one right through to any fully automated manufacturing plant using multiples of robot welding stations.

WeldFlex ducting removes fumes to protect welders and production line workers against dust particles, solid and liquid aerosols and smoke during welding.

In Europe and North America as well as Australia, WeldFlex products are used by multinational automotive manufacturers to safely and conveniently remove welding fumes from their robotised welding stations.

WeldFlex is made of the PVC coated polyester fabric that not only facilitates the removal of toxic welding fumes, WeldFlex ducting is also suitable for air conditioning systems, the suction of air and the removal of light dusts in many industries.

The product is grey in colour and has a temperature resistance ranging from
-30°C up to 100°C.

WeldFlex has several key operating properties that allow it to survive in some of the most rugged environments: an abrasion-resistant outer helix that contains spring steel, the product is flame retardant in accordance to DIN 4102 and it allows good compressibility.

Its wall thickness is 0.2 mm and depending on diameter. It has a weight of 0.45 kg per metre up to 2.29 kg per metre.

Bend radius ranges from 31mm to 350mm, maximum work pressure bar ranges from 0.52 down to 0.02, and maximum vacuum bar ranges are from 0.15 down to 0.01.

The product is available in single length 10m rolls or can be cut to length to meet specific orders.

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