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Unimaster dust control unit from Eximo

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Two brands in the air quality sector have been brought together in a strategic partnership providing industry with solutions to nuisance dust problems.

Eximo  has released its new Unimaster dust control unit based on the technical expertise of dust handling company, Donaldson Australasia.

The Unimaster dust control unit is an economical and effective solution for the diverse range of nuisance dust problems encountered during industrial processes.

Contaminated air from the dust generation source is drawn through the inlet to the filter by the fan. Initially some pre-separation takes place as heavier dust particles lose momentum and fall into the collection bin or hopper.

Finer dusts are carried up to the filter elements where they are retained on the surface of the filter fabric. The cleaned air passes through the filter fabric into the fan chamber and is discharged back to atmosphere.

For cleaning, when the fan is switched off the filter fabric cleaning cycle is automatically activated. The dust is dislodged from the filter elements by the oscillating motion of the shaker motor, and falls into the collection bin below.

The Unimaster is an ideal dust collector for intermittent operations in plant processes. Several small self-contained Unimaster units can be placed at the points of dust generation. This approach results in total dust capture and flexibility of operation.

This integrated concept brings many benefits including lower capital cost: lower operating and energy costs, simplified maintenance, plant flexibility, and minimisation of safety hazards

The Unimaster dust control unit range is versatile that it has more than 500 combinations and numerous ancillaries. The compact technology uses a flat envelope shaped, multipad filter to provide maximum fabric area for minimum floor space.

A range of filter fabrics suits any application. Advanced fan design results in reduced noise levels and enhanced efficiency and performance. Its controller makes it easy to install/connect and ensures the filtration efficiency is properly maintained. There is no requirement for compressed air.

Accessories include:

Acoustic diffuser

  • Capable of reducing noise levels to well below 80db (A) measured at 1 metre from the unit

Filtration media

  • A variety of filtration media available to suit many applications; ie: cotton, flameproof cotton, polypropylene anti-static, polyester needle felt, and polyester oleophobic needle felt

Secondary filter or absolute filter

  • Can be fitted to Unimasters handling hazardous dusts. It also acts as a fail safe device should the main filter element become damaged

Static earthing

  • Should the material being handled generate a static charge, this can be safely dissipated to earth

Pressure balance pipe

  • Ensures the stability of the dust collection bag allowing for the safe removal of collected material

Explosion relief

  • Bursting panels consist of a membrane with internal supporting mesh located on the dirty air side of the unit

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