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Temporary and relocatable ventilation

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article image TempVent from Eximo.

DUCTING specialist Eximo has introduced lightweight flexible PVC ventilation ducting for air-conditioning and ventilation in heavy-duty environments, cooling and heating of IT tents, and the suction of dust and solvent fumes.

Already used by the Australian Army for temporary ventilation, TempVent has extremely good flexibility, is flame retardant, allows good compressibility and has an outerwear strip profile.

Its PVC-coated polyester fabric is 0.6mm thick on the walls, is generally available in the colour of safety yellow (although customised colours are easily supplied), and it has a temperature resistance of -40°C to +80°C.

Single links are available are in 3m, 5m, 6m, 10m, and 12m.

Variants are also possible: TempVent is available in combinations of cuff ends for fixing to spigots, and end rings for joining individual links with quick-release clamps.

The product is extremely lightweight and, depending on the diameter chosen, weighs from 1.2kg per metre to 3.3kg per metre.

Bend radius ranges from 140mm to 350mm, maximum work pressure bar is 0.550 up to nor 0.20, and maximum vacuum bar ranged from 0.05 to 0.03.

TempVent is also available in a completely antistatic version which is black in colour.

Eximo Asia-Pacific region sales and marketing manager Morris Short said the Australian Army was using the product to ventilate its IT tents.

"Whether in training or in combat, the army is likely to operate a series of mobile logistics tents that would contain much of its IT equipment to manage these strategies," he said.

"Therefore, there is every good reason to ventilate these tents to maintain air temperature and safeguard technical equipment and provide a comfortable operating environment for the staff.

"For this application, TempVent has been provided in the colour of army green, yet it can be customised for any use - especially for hire companies that want to maintain a corporate colour.

"TempVent is exclusively sold to NATO in Europe for similar uses as those by the Australian Army,” Mr Short said.

"There are cheaper versions around that claim to fulfil this function, but performance for these types has always been a problem.

"Eximo TempVent is designed to be dragged around and treated ruggedly and is expected to outlast the lifespan of competitors' products by about 10 times."

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