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Safe underground ventilation ducting

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One of the more critical issues facing the performance of products in the underground construction sector is to be completely flame retardant in a potentially combustible environment.

This is especially applicable to ventilation products, which carry the extra burden of maintaining air quality for the people associated with such large scale projects.

Ducting specialist Eximo says this important OH&S factor was the steeling point behind development of its MobyDuct product – which combines relocatability with strict adherence to underground application safety guidelines.

MobyDuct filled a huge gap in the underground construction market by combining these two performance capabilities.

Underground construction – which includes road tunnels, high rise commercial building, mines and aqueducts among other projects – has long been conscious of occupational health and safety requirements.

It’s because of this that ducting manufacturers for this capital intensive sector have naturally focused on this issue, but Eximo has also included mobility and relocatability to its product, which takes it into yet a higher application bracket.

The underground market has a very safe product, which performs to a heavy duty standard yet can quickly be disassembled and re-assembled as the project moves along its course. 

The economics are far more user-friendly as is the fast tracked relocatable aspect of the technology as it has been made to be moved and re-used.

Project managers have quickly seized on the usability of this technology and it was put to use to great effect recently in the Sydney Cross-City tunnel project.

The antistatic, flame retardant MobyDuct ventilation ducting is a reinforced PVC ducting with internal spring steel and helix and PVC wear strip.

It is durable and widely applicable and has the exact properties required by heavy industries such as mining and tunnelling, which rely upon high-performance for results and upkeep of extreme safety measures.

MobyDuct is flame retardant and has a wide temperature resistance ranging from 0°C right up to 50°C.

Engineers and project managers on major tunnelling projects need to be reassured that workers in underground conditions can be provided with uninterrupted ventilation.

Eximo carries stocks of MobyDuct to also ensure fast availability as underground projects cannot afford waiting times for any aspect of their operation.

MobyDuct is available in diameters ranging from 600mm to 1200mm.The product is available with suspension strip, hooks and wires, and is also supplied with cuff couplings or end rings.

All items in the MobyDuct range are available in 5m lengths and 10m lengths.

Although the large proportion of requests are made for MobyDuct to be supplied in white colour, other colours are available to order.

The antistatic, lightweight, flame retardant and rot resistant properties of the product ensure it performs to its maximum capacity over an extremely long lifespan.

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