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IN 1983 Speedlock introduced the quick-joining steel ducting system with lock rings, making it suited to industrial dust and fume extraction systems because of its flexibility and cost effective installation.

Conventional uses for ducting include the conveying of wastes such as sawdust and fumes, and other solids within the materials handling industry, including rice and wool.

Although Speedlock systems have many conventional uses, it has also been used for building movie sets and has appeared in TV commercials for beer and other products.

Since introducing the modular ducting system, Speedlock has introduced many other innovative flexible ducted products that are also used for waste removal. And more recently it has begun marketing food grade variants of Speedflex for use in the food processing, wine, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries.

Today Speedlock has grown and now has a range of products that can be used for a whole range of purposes outside of its original beginnings in the woodworking industry.

In view of this growth, Speedlock has changed its corporate brand name to Eximo. It is derived from a Latin word that means "to free, release or take out", and reflects what ducting products actually do.

It also helps focus on the core business of supplying a range of industrial ducting solutions, irrespective of whether they are flexible or modular, or if they are transporting suspended waste or food grade product.

Speedlock remains the product brand name given to Eximo's modular ducting system. Other specialist products that Eximo markets will have their own distinctive brand names such as Granuflex (grain handling flexible product), Foodflex (food grade flexible product) and Sunflex (UV resistant flexible product).

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