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PolyFlex ducting technology available from Eximo

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PolyFlex ducting technology from Eximo, is proving itself suitable for connecting machines to the overall ducting system in a production plant.

Traditionally an area served by rigid ducting made of either solid plastic or some type of metal, PolyFlex has stepped in because one major problem afflicting this area.

“Because this section of ducting is linked to a manufacturing machine, the zone is always prone to shaking and eventually loosening when rigid ducting is used,” said Morris Short, Eximo’s sales and marketing manager for the Asia-Pacific.

“With continuous shaking or vibration often the norm on machines, the common connections that use rigid ducting eventually shake loose, forcing unscheduled downtime as the machine would have to be stopped due occupational health and safety reasons.

“WorkCover is tough on plants operating machines without adequate fume, dust and fines removals that no business in their right mind would dare take a chance and continue to operate if this section is shaken loose.”

“Now with PolyFlex providing an optimised and physically flexible solution at this junction point, unscheduled downtime should be all but wiped out so everyone will be kept safe and profit margins won’t be eroded.”

Generally suitable of these PolyFlex technologies for such applications are the PolyFlex regular weight product as well as PolyFlex Heavy.

PolyFlex Regular is a flexible polyurethane ducting also suits the suction of air, dusts, oil and petrol fumes and is able to handle airborne moisture.

The regular weight version has a wall thickness of 25mm - 99mm for the 0.5mm product and 100mm - 500mm in the 0.6mm product.

Clear in colour, this polyester polyurethane product is antistatic, offers good flexibility, good abrasion resistance, good compressibility and excellent resistance to oil and petrol fumes.

PolyFlex Heavy is mainly for the suction of abrasive materials and transport of granules PolyFlex Heavy also has a spring steel helix with the extra advantage of PVC coating for tougher performance.

PolyFlex Heavy is antistatic, is solid in construction, has good oil resistance, good abrasion resistance and a smooth bore. PolyFlex Heavy’s wall thicknesses are as follows:

25mm - 39mm in 0.8mm product; 40mm - 99mm in the 1.0mm product; 100mm - 139mm in the 1.15mm product; 140mm - 210mm in the 1.2mm product; 215mm - 500mm in the 1.4mm product.

As with all PolyFlex products, PolyFlex Heavy is engineered to handle airborne moisture without losing antistatic properties as it wears. It is available in 10m rolls or cut to length to order. Temperature resistance is also a -40° up - +100°C.

All PolyFlex products can be custom-built in specific colours to allow colour coding of production lines.

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