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Pneumatic gates save energy

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article image Power consumption is reduced with Eximo’s pneumatic gate.

EXIMO has released a high quality pneumatic damper for ducted extraction systems that closes when power to its machine is switched off.

Linked electronically to the controller of an overall ducting system, these pneumatic blast gates are fitted to each machine collection point and activate the moment a machine is switched off so as to regulate pressure and velocity through the ducting to provide several cost benefits.

Firstly, it lowers unnecessary load on the filter by maintaining a constant design pressure drop across the dust collector filter media.

Secondly, because the blast gate stops what is essentially a wasted extraction action on a machine that is switched off, the system experiences overall correct conveying velocities.

Thirdly, hood face velocity is optimised (this is the capture velocity at collection hoods).

Until now, most ducting designers have been fitting manually operated gates (dampers) to machines and the operators rarely remember to close them when the production machine is shut down while the rest of the system remains in operation.

Fitting a pneumatically operated blast gate to the machine overcomes the problem as it closes automatically when linked electrically to the machine's on/of switch.

Pneumatic blast gates are a safe solution. It is fitted to the new machine unless they are operating continuously and it can also be easily retrofitted to selected existing machines to positively close off when required.

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