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Plexi-glass inspection window developed by Eximo

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Ducting specialist Eximo has developed a simple, yet high-performance, product that allows condition monitoring of stainless steel ducting systems without using complicated controllers or sensor technology.

Eximo’s new Plexi-glass inspection window represents a generational improvement on the technology ducting users were content to use up to now standard inspection hatches.

The key difference between Eximo's inspection windows and the outdated but incumbent inspection hatches is that the windows have no moving parts while inspection hatches rely on a fastened, hinged door for observation purposes.

It is mainly due to this solid-state construction that the lifespan of the Plexi glass inspection window is infinitely longer by comparison.

Plexi glass inspection windows connect to become part of the ducting conduit and basically give the user a transparent section of ducting for constant monitoring, particular near problem areas such as elbow joints and in high-capacity flow sections.

Outdated inspection hatches, on the other hand, are a bulky attachment to a ducting system. It requires a maintenance person to open the hatch which creates a pressure drop in the conduit.

And as traditional inspection hatches are screwed into place, the ends of these screws would protrude into the active section of the ducting, become an obstacle and eventually lead to a clogging effect within the system

Available in diameters ranging from 100mm up to 1500mm, the technology is simple to retrofit using high-quality seals that can ensure no pressure drops at all across entire ducting system.

According to Eximo, the development of Plexi glass inspection windows is a step forward in ironing out one of the many technology shortfalls being tolerated by industries using ducting.

When Eximo entered the market less than two years ago, it was a surprise to find that a lot of old technology was being used even though it may be cumbersome or problem ridden.

Inspection hatches are troublesome particularly in the food processing industry where cereals and other powders were being handled, as well as in the building, construction and quarry sectors where fines are a problem.

This is just to name a few. In many industrial processes, dusty environments are causing operating problems for inspection hatches.

Despite being simple and non-automated, the outdated inspection hatches are nevertheless contributing to unscheduled downtime and operators had been content to keep using them as nobody in the world offered a better solution until now.

But with Eximo's Plexi glass inspection windows, clogging, pressure drops and general maintenance with these items is completely stamped out and each unit installed is expected to last the duration of the stainless steel ducting itself.

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