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General purpose flexible PVC ducting

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article image ClearFlex PVC ducting from Eximo.

EXIMO ClearFlex is a lightweight, transparent, PVC ducting suitable for the suction of air and fumes, light dust and powders, with excellent flexibility and very good compressibility.

It has a 0.4mm wall thickness and is available in 10m rolls or can be cut to length to meet specific orders.

A spring steel helix throughout the material allows for excellent flexibility. The product has a temperature resistance ranging from 0°C up to +70°C.

Depending on diameter, the weight of the product ranges from 0.134kg per metre up to 2.945kg per metre. Bend radius ranges from 16mm to 350mm; maximum work pressure Bar ranges from 0.40 to 0.01; and maximum vacuum Bar ranges from 0.20 to 0.01.

For more demanding applications such as those when moving low pressure air, fumes, dust or cables, ClearFlex Heavy - a medium weight and flexible PVC ducting - can facilitate.

With key properties being its high flexibility and smooth bore, ClearFlex heavy has a wall thickness of 5mm in the 13mm-99mm diameter stock, and a 0.6mm wall thickness in the 100mm-400mm diameter stock.

This product is also transparent, has a temperature resistance of 0°C through to +70ºC and can be supplied in single length 10m rolls or cut to order.

Its weight is slightly higher than that of the standard ClearFlex product, ranging from 0.110kg per metre to 2.930kg per metre. Bend radius ranges from 20mm to 350mm; maximum work pressure Bar is from 1.90 to 0.10; and maximum vacuum Bar is from 0.55 down to 0.06.

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