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article image GranuFlex ducting.

THE heavyweight and flexible polyurethane ducting, GranuFlex, can easily handle the suction and discharge of abrasive materials, particularly in the plastic industries where constantly high flow rates are common.

GranuFlex also has excellent antistatic properties that stop one of the major problems caused by PVC in ducting - snake-skinning.

Distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by the Eximo retail partner network, GranuFlex is a 1.4mm thick polyurethane clear ducting with distinct green helix containing spring steel.

The GranuFlex system contains a unique organic compound that is added to the polyurethane to attract airborne moisture to create a continuous circuit. The removal of static build-up occurs as the product moves through the ducting, so no snakeskins will form.

The product does not lose its antistatic properties as it wears over time and the Helix does not require grounding. Temperature resistance ranges from -40°C up to +100°C.

Antistatic GranuFlex has a very smooth bore, excellent abrasion resistance, resistance to oil and petrol and is completely non-toxic, which is of particular importance to grain handling. It is also completely free of halogen and softeners.

As part of the Eximo flex range, the GranuFlex has a high chemical resistance and flame retardation characteristics and is the ducting that offers high flexibility, excellent axial compressibility and resistance to aggressive and abrasive fumes and dust.

GranuFlex ducting can also clip straight into Eximo Speedlock Standard heavy wall and grain duct, with hose tail fittings built into the modular duct. Machined to such exacting tolerances, Eximo can fully guarantee a perfect fit between the flex and its modular duct spigots.

As with any Eximo product, GranuFlex can be ordered with a hose tail to make installation a complete and fully manoeuvrable ducting system.

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